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Tha Nuts & Bolts

One day 3 friends were working on a Christmas Tree lot in Greenville, SC and were throwing around some ideas on a business idea.  It might have been because they were hungry, or maybe because the world was in the middle of a pandemic and they were looking for a way to make some extra money with all the chaos in the world.  But they all were in agreement about their love of boiled pnuts. They decided to buy some supplies and started testing some recipes on the tree lot, giving samples to friends, family and customers.  In a matter of days, word of mouth spread from some of the Christmas Tree customers that they were also selling boiled pnuts.  Not long after, someone pulled up and said, “I heard ya’ll were selling boiled pnuts up here,” and bought every bag they had.  As soon as that happened, they knew they were on to something and decided to pursue the business. 

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